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Northwestern University is committed to helping students develop into effective leaders. The Center for Leadership offers faculty and staff the opportunity to nominate students for our Leadership Coaching Program. Students may also self-nominate for this opportunity. To nominate, please log in.

Coaching provides the University's student leaders with the opportunity to significantly build on their assets. As you may know, many successful organizations offer leadership coaching to their high potential employees. It is a top tool for executive development because it focuses leaders, allowing them to achieve improved results while also allowing them to be more efficient in their work. At the Center for Leadership, we invest in adapting the real world practices and approaches of executive coaching to meet the needs of our student leaders while also preparing them for leadership positions once they graduate. We are particularly interested in providing leadership coaching to students undertaking new or more challenging leadership roles.

By working with the Center for Leadership, each student will receive approximately six coaching sessions. These are individual meetings that usually last one hour and are confidential between the coach and student. While each coaching engagement is unique and our coaching offerings are tailored to each student leader's needs, issues that are addressed through coaching often include the following:

  • Defining and assessing the current situation
  • Leading teams, groups, and organizations
  • Developing effective strategies for working with people
  • Setting strategy by analyzing the current situation and desired outcomes
  • Defining resources and how to most effectively create alignment among people
  • Understanding the student's strengths and how best to use them
  • Understanding the student's weaknesses and how to address them
  • Tactical advice on day-to-day issues

The benefits for taking advantage of our leadership coaching include: students receive individual coaching from one of our trained Fellows; students have a chance to learn more about what leaders really do; students gain knowledge regarding self-development; and students are introduced to Northwestern University's Leadership Learning Domain.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with your top students, and we hope you are, too.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We look forward to working with you or your student!

Adam Goodman

Todd Murphy
Associate Director

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