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Fellowship in Leadership

Staff members who are ready to develop and share their leadership experience with undergraduate students may apply for the Fellowship in Leadership program.

You can learn more about the general program here. There are some considerations specific to staff Fellows as well:

  • You must have the endorsement of your supervisor prior to applying
  • You must be at an appropriate level of professional development to take on this role, as indicated by your supervisor
  • You should be able to fulfill your Fellowship responsibilities primarily within your standard work hours. This means your department supports a temporary reduction in your duties for the fall, winter and spring quarters in one academic year
  • There is no additional compensation to staff Fellows

Faculty may recommend graduate students for the Fellowship; PhD students are eligible for a $3,000 stipend. Faculty members should direct potential applicants to the Fellowship page for more information. You may also refer a graduate student to us via the Contact Us form.

How to Apply

Download the Professional Staff Fellowship Information Sheet and the Professional Staff Data Sheet. The Information Sheet lists the documents and materials we require for your application as well as submission instructions. The deadline to submit for the 2017-18 Fellowship in Leadership is March 3, 2017 at 5:00pm.

You can attend a Fellowship in Leadership information session, held in the Seminar Room at 1813 Hinman Ave.,  Evanston, IL. Two information sessions will be made available this year:

  • Monday, February 20 from 1pm-2pm
  • Tuesday, February 21 from 4pm-5pm

If you have questions, please email Nick Raef or call in at 847.467.1367.

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