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The Center's Leadership Portal offers students the opportunity to learn about their leadership and teamwork through three website tools: a 360° Leadership Assessment, Teamwork Assessments, and Coaching.

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Applications now open for Spring Quarter 2016! Early decision applications are due by Sunday, February 21st. Regular decision applications are due by Sunday, March 13th.

Coaching provides the University’s students with the opportunity to significantly build on their leadership strengths, and explore their potential. As you may know, many successful organizations offer leadership coaching to their high potential employees. It is a top tool for professional development because it allows leaders to identify and close needed gaps, achieve improved results and become more efficient in their work. At the Center for Leadership, we invest in adapting the real world practices and approaches of executive coaching to meet the needs of our student leaders while also preparing them for leadership positions once they graduate. We are particularly interested in providing leadership coaching to students undertaking new or more challenging leadership roles.

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360° Assessment

As you may know, leadership assessments are a commonly used tool for high potential leaders in organizations around the world. Northwestern is one of the first universities committed to customizing this tool for and providing this same opportunity to all of its students. By completing this assessment today and at other vital moments during your time at Northwestern, you will have a powerful story to tell others about your leadership effectiveness - one that will set you apart from others. You can start your 360° Leadership Assessment at any time.

Teamwork Assessment

Teams generally prefer to get right to work on the project they've been given. This is unwise. In hindsight, many teams trace their failure(s) to not having shared expectations and specific ground rules. Research shows that teams should start with the question "how will we work together?" not "what's the right answer to the project?"

Setting shared expectations for your team, checking for effective teamwork, and making adjustments along the way is also essential. Our two Teamwork Assessments are built from best practices that are commonly found in the industry; they help teams reduce risk by identifying typical teamwork problems at the individual and group levels and by offering you a process for solving these problems.

NU faculty can choose from two Teamwork Assessments for team and group projects. Student Groups and advisors can also use a Teamwork Assessment that is designed for just this purpose. To learn more, please email Adam Goodman.

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