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Applying for personalized coaching is quick and easy; simply sign in below with your netID and click on the "Apply for Coaching" tile. You can learn more information about how we can help you by reading below.

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One-on-One Coaching

With one-on-one leadership coaching, you will significantly build on your leadership strengths, explore your potential, and advance your personal leadership goals. During five one-hour sessions in one academic quarter, your coach will help you work through your leadership challenges, such as:

  • Developing collaborative teamwork strategies
  • Improving your team communication, accountability and impact
  • Addressing and solving conflict

Our trained coaches adapt the real-world practices and approaches of executive leadership coaching to meet your needs as a student, while also preparing you for leadership positions once you graduate.

See Deadlines for early and regular decision dates. Applications for the next quarter are open by week 5 of the current quarter. 
To apply, log in with your NetID and password at the Leadership Portal, then click the "Apply For Coaching" tile.

360° Leadership Assessment

The 360° Leadership Assessment allows you to gain a well-rounded understanding of your individual leadership assets and opportunities for development, from your own perspective and that of six people who have worked with you. When the results are in, you will meet with a coach to review your profile and build a short and long-term action plan for growth.

By completing this assessment now and at other vital moments during your time at Northwestern, you will have a powerful story to tell others about your unique leadership effectiveness.

You can access the 360° Leadership Assessment through our Leadership Portal by clicking on the "Start New 360°" tile.

Teamwork Assessment

When teams form, they generally get right to work on their project. Later, when they find themselves failing, they often trace their struggles to not having first shared expectations and established specific ground rules. (Learn about other common mistakes teams often make.)

To get your team organized and help improve performance, the Center for Leadership offers teamwork assessments. Built from best industry practices and our proprietary research, these tools identify typical teamwork problems at the individual and group levels, and provide a process for solving them.

To learn more, please contact us.

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