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Fellowship in Leadership

As a Fellow, you will develop your capacity for leadership and delve into questions about leadership, teamwork, and followership that interest you and your peers. You’ll work collaboratively with program faculty and staff in an environment that fosters deep learning through inquiry and real-world problem solving.

Benefits and Activities

From January through June, you will:

  • Work with other Fellows to explore a question in leadership that is interesting to you and present your team's insights at the Center for Leadership Forum, a daylong symposium at the end of the academic year. Possible themes include: how to give and receive effective feedback, how to influence others, building diversity and inclusion in teams, and the advantage of quiet leadership
  • Participate in a small, interdisciplinary discussion section that meets every other week
  • Study major theories, thinkers and frameworks of leadership, followership and teamwork
  • Learn about your own leadership, followership, teamwork and how to develop these abilities in others

Recognition and Commitment

  • Overall, Fellows dedicate 4-6 hours monthly in small group sessions, plus additional time for outside readings and exercises
  • On successful completion of the program, participants are designated as a Center for Leadership Fellow, receive a $1,000 stipend, and offered additional opportunities during their time at Northwestern to contribute to the work of the Center.

Eligibility and How to Apply

The Fellowship is open to full-time PhD students, post-docs, law students, medical students, and selected high-potential staff. To be eligible, students and post-docs must participate in our Leadership Coaching program prior to January of your application year.

Applications for the 2021 Fellowship are now open. You can apply here. For questions, please email us at

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