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Curriculum Support

Wes Burghart

We partner with the CFL to help our students develop effective teamwork skills. Productive collaboration is an essential skill in the modern practice of engineering; nobody goes it alone. Teamwork assessment tools from CFL help our students set expectations, monitor experiences, and reflect upon what is necessary to contribute meaningfully to team-based work, and arrive at an outcome that reflects everyone's shared efforts.”

Wes Burghart, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Engineering, McCormick

Is teamwork an essential part of your course? Here are some ways we can help you get the best out of your students:

  • Incorporating the Teamwork Assessment into course curriculum
  • Teamwork coaching and advising
  • Best practices in teamwork and leadership
  • Insights on how people learn to become effective leaders
  • Recommended readings and exercises
  • Guidance on integrating teamwork and leadership into existing courses and academic programs
  • Advice on navigating virtual teams

To set up a consulting appointment, contact us.

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