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Across our conversations we’ve heard some remarkably consistent messages about the state of leadership today and the demands that future leaders will likely face. Their ideas have helped us organize the study and practice of leadership at Northwestern on these themes:


*Leadership Coaching for undergraduate and graduate students

Applications are now available for Fall Quarter.

          Application deadline: Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Information Sessions for Leadership Coaching are being offered.

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The Center for Leadership at Northwestern University

The Center works with students, faculty, alumni, trustees, researchers, authors, and other leaders around the world.

Through our programs, we offer Northwestern students an introductory Leadership Course and a Leadership Certificate. The Certificate coursework includes the opportunity to take on a major leadership project of your own design. The Center also offers a Fellowship in Leadership for Ph.D. students and for high potential staff who work with Northwestern students.

Through our Leadership Portal we offer Northwestern students the opportunity to assess their leadership and teamwork abilities as well as to document insights from key challenges. For example, our 360° Leadership Assessment describes how a student practices leadership today and what he or she can do to improve as a leader. Faculty use our Teamwork Assessment to introduce students to best practices for teams that are commonly found in industry.

We also offer students Leadership Coaching through a competitive selection process. Coaching is a top tool for executive development because it focuses leaders, allowing them to achieve improved results while also allowing them to be more effective in their work.

Beyond our core program offerings, we provide custom services for all students, faculty, academic departments and programs, and student affairs programs at Northwestern.

McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science

The Center for Leadership serves the Northwestern community. Its academic programs are offered through the McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science.

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