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Teamwork Assessment

The Teamwork Assessment (TwA) app is designed to help faculty and students identify and eliminate common teamwork problems (ie. exclusivity, improper division of responsibility, miscommunication, lack of delegation, failure to accomplish goals) so that students can learn how to improve their interpersonal skills and focus more on the project at hand with fewer distractions.

We recommend that first-time users reference the "Getting Started" document in the Resource Library and contact us for additional assistance. If you are already familiar with the tool, please follow these next steps:

  1. Create groups within your Canvas course.
  2. Find the TwA app in the NU Learning Apps tab in your Canvas course.
  3. Click the button to Install Now.
  4. Explore our template options and choose one that best suits the needs of your course. If you would like a more customized alternative, contact us.
  5. Adjust the default schedule to fit the length and cadence of your course.

Faculty Resource Library

Professor Alex Bridwell standing outside of Tech
Alex Birdwell and his colleagues who conduct the Design, Thinking, and Communication classes in the McCormick School of Engineering were among some of the first adopters of the Teamwork Assessment.
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