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For Graduate Students & Postdocs

1. Graduate Leadership Ambassadors

Leadership Ambassadors help the Center reach more students and promote leadership dialogue across the university by developing new initiatives and networking with fellow student leaders.

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2. Fellowship in Leadership

Explore topics within the fields of leadership and teamwork in an environment that fosters deep learning through inquiry and real-world problem solving

During the Fellowship in Leadership, you will enhance your knowledge of leadership principles, discover and develop your leadership abilities, and apply both in practical ways.

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What alumni are saying...

"I dedicated three quarters of medical school to Leadership Coaching, in which I was assigned a [Coach] from the Kellogg School of Business to uncover my own, unique leadership style. My [Coaches] and I discussed my leadership experience on campus, including serving as a class senator and a group facilitator for discussions about microaggressions and implicit bias in medical education. The coaching helped me realize that my drive to lead comes from a desire to create a breathable culture and atmosphere. I strive to build an environment characterized by levity when it is permitted, seriousness when it is needed, and where, in any room that I enter, all ideas are welcome and each person is heard. I was able to apply these leadership skills when I subsequently completed the Fellowship in Leadership. I believe my leadership skills will help me succeed as a doctor." - Ali Khan, MD candidate (Class of ‘22)

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