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Our Approach

A comprehensive model for developing the leader in all of us

About the Center for Leadership

Northwestern is one of only a few academic institutions that boast a university-wide center dedicated to the study of leadership and dissemination of the latest and best practices.

The Center for Leadership offers opportunities for all students to develop their leadership capacity in an environment that encourages experimentation and innovation. We also invite faculty to get involved by embedding assessment tools into course curriculums and through consultations with the Center’s directors.

 Through a combination of formal instruction, practical experience and guided reflection, program participants begin to explore leadership as a dynamic process, discover their own unique leadership style and value the perspective of those one hopes to lead.

On Leadership

Become the leader your teammates need to thrive

Work through questions about your leadership style with our team. Explore your motivations and goals, and expand your ability to inspire, mobilize, and adapt.

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On Teamwork

Learn what it takes to build an effective team

Get feedback and insight on how to become a skillful team leader.

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Center Offerings

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